39  TO GO

The Show

Hardware store employees and regulars unintentionally drag conspiracy theories and other urban dictionary scenarios into work with them on Monday mornings.  

That's right! ONE HOUR DOWN, and THIRTY-NINE more to go... Now get back to work!


The Characters



He's a father and a husband, with all of his ducks in a row. A self educated type, mid-thirties, and the most intelligent of the group. Also a major conspiracy theorist, who is well aware that he's smarter than everyone else. Born Joseph Dorsey, but nobody knows his first name, and he'd like to keep it that way.


Yup, he's in his thirties, and has no problem showing the edge he's developed from working at the store for twenty years. You pair that with his short fuse, and you get spirited rants, speeches, and epic freakouts. Luckily he has a sense of humor.


One of the store's best regulars, and a freelance contractor who owns the company his father built. He has a good amount of money for still being in his late 20's and isn't shy. Easily the coolest character, but sometimes he comes off as cocky, when he's really just naive.


A late-twenties handyman and rocker, and also a regular at the store. He gigs with his band on the weekend, does well with the ladies, and he's smarter than he comes off at first with his surfer-punk mentality, but that still doesn't stop him from needing a reality check every once in a while.


Written, Produced and Directed by:

Mike Targus


Mike Targus as Clutch

Julian Gant as Motown

Chris Hogan as Dorsey

Jason Echols as Ian


Jon Polito as Mathis


Aaron Leddick as Brad

Angela Duffy as Hipster Girl

Peter Hinz as Big Dude

Dan Watson as Neighbor

Katie Clark as Goth Chick

Ben Zisk as Detroit 1977

Joe Porter as Philadelphia 1984

Jay Cundiff as New York 1972

Brad Gage as Jogger


    Director of Photography: Eric Foss

    Director ("The D.L." and "Union Rules"): Paul Walter Hauser

    Camera Operator: Jahmel Holden

    Sound Mixing: Steven Frazier

    Swing Grip: Eric Carillo

    Key Grip: Joel Barnas

    Editor: Shola Akinnuso

    Post-Production Audio: Mike Mori

    Sound Editor: Bonnie Wild

    Colorist: Andrew Kimery

    Costumes: Julia Targus

    Logo Art: Joe Studzinski

    Original Beats By: Matik Muzik